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The Pagan Community Needs...
I want to know how I and The Leandra Witchwood Foundation can better serve our Pagan community, both online and off.I have been asking questions to the various Pagan communities here on Facebook to get a sense of what our communities need. These are questions related to your well-being as it fits into the Pagan community, your desired development, and our overall community needs. Please take some time to tell me what you feel is most lacking and/or greatly needed in our scattered and fragmented community. When you answer each question think of where you are now in your practice and where you would like to be in the next two years. Also, think of the direction in which our community should move. This poll is based on your opinion. Please answer each question honestly and to the best of your knowledge.To learn more about The Leandra Witchwood Foundation please visit: or*Please note that the term Pagan is being used as an "umbrella" term for those who practice a heathenistic, hereditary, pre-Abrahamic, non-Abrahamic, and/or polytheistic faith or tradition. This term includes Witches, Wiccans and the whole of the Pagan community.
I feel the Pagan community needs well educated/trained and experienced leaders, teachers, and elders. *

For the purpose of personal and spiritual guidance and community representation.
We need safe ONLINE places/methods where Pagans of all followings can practice openly. *

We need more safe physical locations where Pagans can visit, worship and practice. *

The Pagan community needs more online Magickal and Spiritual events. *

Example: Online collective manifestations for world peace, energetic cleansings, meditations, manifesting prosperity and more.
The Pagan community needs more physical Magickal and Spiritual events held in a safe and easily accessible location. *

Example: Frequent religious and spiritual observances, healing circles, open circles, festivals, forums, and other similar events.
The Pagan Community needs respectable, responsible, ethical and trustworthy representation. *

Organizations and leaders who will promote tolerance, understanding, and unity within our communities. Organizations and leaders who will reach out for the purpose of healing and establishing respect for one another.
The Pagan community needs more resources and opportunities for self-improvement and development. *

Example: workshops, classes, training courses, booklets, meditations, etc.
The Pagan community needs more resources that teach us how to steer clear of predators and false leaders/teachers. *

Example: workshops, classes, educational materials, discussions, etc.
We need more online education that goes beyond book learning and study. *

Example: Q&A sessions with experienced elders & teachers, Workshops, forums, classes, etc.
We need more opportunities for one-on-one physical education that goes beyond book learning and study. *

Example: Q&A sessions/forums with experienced elders & teachers, Workshops, forums, classes, etc.
Our community needs more social interaction where we can meet other Pagans and form friendships. *

Example: Festivals, Meetups, Group Activities, etc.
Our community needs to find a way to stop the "Witch Wars" *

We need a better resource for finding quality and trustworthy Magickal Supplies. *

Example: A directory of Pagan Businesses, products, and services.
Are you willing to donate your TIME and/or MONEY to a cause that will offer more options and resources for our communities? *

If you are willing to help FUND a cause what methods or options would you like to see avaialble? *

Please tell us a little about you and your path. *

Please feel free to add your additional thoughts or suggestions

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